As you probably know, we are about to begin work on $1.6 million worth of upgrades and updates to your water system. We will use this page to give you updates on the progress of our projects.


Great news! ​We are pleased to announce that work is nearing completion on  parts ​of our 4 part project! Updates on the individual projects:

Plant Upgrades: Our new filter is online. Plant upgrades are complete according to the original plans, but we are awaiting an estimate on some additional work that will allow us to isolate each of our storage tanks and the filter individually. At present, we cannot take our ground storage tank offline for cleaning and inspection without delivering unfiltered water into the distribution system. We are waiting for a quote on having this corrected so that we do not have to deliver unfiltered water unless there is an issue with the filter itself. 

New Well: Our new well has been brought online and has been in service for a few months now. We will continue to use this well while repairs our made to the other. The repairs to the original well in service are not part of our USDA project, but have become necessary due to decreased efficiency on the well. 

Distribution System Improvements: All work on the distribution system improvements has been completed according to the original contracts. Any additional work will only be considered after completion of modifications to the plant site are completed as described above. 

​​New Office Building: ​We moved into our new building in November of 2016. We remind you to please use the new drop box for after-hours payments; it's located in our drive-through. Please don't leave payments in the old office building. Please feel free to stop in and check out our new facility. The lobby is open to customers during business hours, and we're sure you'll enjoy the central heat and air! We have closed our drive-through window for the time being, as it was an interior window and was causing numerous problems for us, including high utility bills due to not being sealed to the outdoors, and water was getting into the building during rains. In order to keep our costs down and protect our equipment, it was necessary to seal the window. We hope to have the proper type of window installed at a later date. Please feel free to drop your payment in the drop box during business hours if you don't have time to come inside.

​We are considering applying to USDA again in order to complete additional work on the system that we think will be in the best interest of our customers. We are looking toward pursuing funding for the things we were not able to accomplish with funds remaining from this project, as well as things that were deleted from this project due to cost and things we did not include in the original request. We appreciate your patience--the last funding request was a seven year process. We do not anticipate as many delays this next time around, but we'll keep you informed through this page as to when the application is made and what items we have included in our plans.