​We are aware that a number of our customers experienced higher than normal water consumption during the period from December 20th to January 20th, due to frozen pipes that burst, or running water to prevent frozen pipes. 

​While we CANNOT adjust water bills, we can work with you on a payment arrangement if your bill is more than twice your average bill amount. 

​If you think there has been an error and that your meter was read incorrectly, take the following steps BEFORE contacting the office. This will allow us to make any necessary corrections in a much more efficient manner: 

​1. READ your meter and write the reading down. 

​2. Compare the reading to the reading under "PRESENT READ" on your bill. 

​3. If the reading you obtained is HIGHER than the reading on your bill, your bill is correct and no changes can be made. It is not necessary to contact us unless you need to make a payment arrangement. 

​4. If the reading on your meter is LOWER than the reading on your bill, contact the office right away so that we may correct the balance due on your account. 

​READ ME, February 2018 Billing Statement